• Crossbreeding

“Midken” Moree, (temperate – north west plains of NSW)

In a crossbreeding programme to evaluate, Aquitaine d’Blond, Main Anjou, Chianina, Limousin x Shorthorns, Simmental x Herefords, and Belmont and Brahman x F1 Brahman/Shorthorn, weaning weight per day of age of Belmont’s were better than pure Shorthorns (17%), Simmental x Hereford (12%), Brahmans x F1 Brahman/ Shorthorn (4%) and Limousin (1%). In this trial Belmonts were mated to 2 yo heifers, while all other breeds were mated to mature cows, and this would have disadvantaged the Belmonts weaning weights by as much as 15%.

Conclusions on Crossbreeding

In feedlot and feedback trials, on grass and on grain, growth rates of Belmont Crosses have been consistently 14% above the average. Carcase yields and Meat Quality have been equal to British breeds and always better than Brahman or Breeds derived from it. The exceptional Fertility and Docility of Belmonts is also passed on to the Crossbred progeny, leading to large productive and management advantages. The adaptability of Belmonts, together with all their other traits, make them an excellent sire breed for crossbreeding.