Why use Belmont Reds?

As a sire breed, the tropically adapted Belmont Red has a unique advantage over British, European and Bos Indicus breeds for use in crossbreeding.

Belmont Reds possess all of the production and beef quality traits of the British and European Bos Taurus breeds, with the added benefits of superior adaptation traits including tick and parasite resistance, heat tolerance and drought resistance, combined with calving ease and small birth weight calves.

Belmont Reds have adaptation traits equal to the Bos Indicus breeds,
with the added advantage of very high fertility including early sexual maturity in both males and females with females able to reconceive at low weights and whilst lactating, in conjunction with the Belmont Reds superior carcass qualities and renowned docile temperament.

  • Economically Belmont’s produce an extra gross profit of $24 on grass and $76 on grain per adult compared to Brahmans (CRC Research).

  • Belmont Reds have over 50 years of proven performance testing and are proudly AUSTRALIAN made for AUSTRALIAN conditions.